Brake Attention Module

United Pacific

SKU: 90656
Available for pre-order

Features Sequence Once Brake Attention Function
This Kit Will Convert Three 12 Volt LED Tail Lights To Sequential Operation
Kit Includes Two Sequencer Modules, Hookup Wire, Wire Connectors and Instructions
Designed For Pre 1970’s Classic Applications, Hot Rods, Early Muscle Cars, Impala, etc.
Also Works With United Pacific LED Tail Lights For 1969 Camaro, 1967-68 Mustang and 1969 Mustang
Not For Use Vehicles With Factory Cruise Control, Alarm Systems, ABS Brakes
Not For Use With Vehicles That Tow Trailer, And Not For Use On Trailers
Not For Use With Incandescent Light Bulbs (LED Only)
Installation Requires Knowledge of Automotive Electrical Systems