Dual 14 LED 12" Reflector Light Bars w/ Bezel

United Pacific

SKU: 36796
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Dimensions: 24 1/8" L x 3/4" W x 7/8" H.         
24" LED Light Bar with Two 12" LED Light Bar.
Unique Chrome Bezel Design Allows Two 12" LED Light Bars to be Assembled into One 24" Long LED Light Bar.
Interchangeable Design Allows the Two 12" LED Light Bar to be Replaced or Changed to Form Different Light Combinations.
Exclusively for United Pacific 12" LED Light Bars: Item # 38946, 38947, 38948, 38949.

Amber LED/Amber Lens United Pacific #36796.

Red LED/Red Lens United Pacific #36797.

Amber LED/Clear Lens United Pacific #36798.

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