8-5" Kits OEM Style Elbows 04-09586-015 & 04-09657-013 -Freightliner Classic FLD 20 1974-Current


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Complete kit includes top stack, 52" spools, elbows, & brackets.

Flat Top -The very first style of original Dynaflex monster stacks in the 1980s.

Mitered -A classic 30 degree cut on the original Dynaflex monster stacks.

Dynaflex Curve -Called the California or West Coast Curve by imitators, this stack features a 45 degree bend cut after tangent and round opening.

Eagle Claw -A statement of its own or it can be used as a tailpipe for an aggressive forward thinking look.

Bull Hauler -Diffuses exhaust fumes into the air rather than trailer keeping harmful substances away from Livestock.

Ozzie Curve -Features a unique profile and opening due to its 30 degree cut back into tangent. Named after a local diner frequented by Dynaflex's founder.

Toro Loco -Updated look on original Bull Hauler design. Set these stacks facing back and parallel to the cab for a mean look.

Chino -Spin on original monster stack designed to send smoke away from the truck.

Tech Nine's - Gun inspired design.